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Assembly of Different Products

Assembly of Different Products is done in our highly advanced system for a complete solution of diesel monitoring. This type of system is suitable to be used with BMS systems engine test facilities, genset power house and engineering & automotive industry. There are different types of components like flowmeter, fuel consumption monitor, diesel dispenser, storage tanks and software that are integrated in these systems.

The system is specially assembled with different components for monitoring, receipt issuing and date recording. Compatible with BMS systems of customers, all the products used in the system ensure high level of accuracy. In addition to this, we also take the work of installation including cabeling and commissioning for these systems for the convenience of our customers.

Series APS 1000 : Diesel Issue & Reciept Monitoring System

For Genset Power House, BMS Systems Engine Test Facilities, Engineering & Automotive Industries

The Diesel Monitoring System is a complete turnkey solution for diesel receipt and issue measurement, tank level monitoring and pump control, data recording and transmission to customer BMS systems or monitoring in Fluidyne "Fuel Log" PC Based SCADA System. All the crucial components used for precise measurement, data logging, control function and data transmission are designed and manufactured by Fluidyne ensuring the customer the highest level of accuracy reliability, and single vendor responsibility with includes installation, cabeling, commissioning, documentation and training of system operators.


Diesel Issue & Reciept Monitoring System


  • Accurate Measurement of Diesel Tankers receipts to Underground and Aboveground Tanks within +0.5% of reading.
  • Accurate Measurement of Diesel transfer to Overhead Tanks within +0.5% of reading.
  • Automatic Pump control of customer transfer pump for Diesel transfer.
  • Precision Four Point Level control of Transfer Tank with Zero Overflow features.
  • Four Separate models of Fuel Consumption Monitors for net fuel measurement of engine from 15 KVA. to 3000 KVA.
  • Single Common PLC Control Panel for all Flow measurements, level and pump control functions.
  • One Single Communication Rs485 MODBUS Serial Output for all logged data to Customers BMS.
  • Optional Fluidyne "Fuel Log" SCADA package for end to end solution in Customer P.C.


Diesel Issue & Reciept Monitoring System

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